Colin Farrell falls back on his addictions and decides to enter a clinic

Colin Farrell has returned to the old ways in his addictions to drugs. Although we are very sorry, at least the actor, this time, has decided, of his own volition, to enter a detoxification clinic before going too far …

Although the income occurred a week ago, it has not been until now when the news has been known. A news that, however, comes at a great professional moment for Colin, who filmed this past year nothing less than 3 films.

According to a source close to the actor in the Daily Mail newspaper, Colin began to weaken again (after being treated in 2015) with the pressure of having so many fronts open at work: “We all know that Colin is an addict, during 12 years has remained sober, “he confessed, and added:” Another week, and could have started to consume again. ”

It seems, therefore, that Colin has decided to put feet in dust before he even get to use drugs, because he is aware of what it can bring, and that is why he has decided to remedy before it was too late. Moreover, we have no doubt that, in addition to himself, he wanted to do it for his children, James and Henry, aged 14 and 8 respectively.

Colin has also decided to enter one of the best detoxification clinics known: the Meadows clinic, located in Arizona, which costs a whopping 36,000 dollars a month. A place of luxury in which therapies can be combined with horseback riding through the countryside, practicing Taichi or doing meditation, and which have already passed other celebrities such as Kate Moss, Kevin Spacey or Selena Gomez.

For this stone on the road, this year is complicated to Colin, since after working in front of the cameras, now he has the job of promoting the three films. Will it be ready for when that happens?

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