German Chancellor Angela Merkel plans to visit her US counterpart Donald Trump on April 27

The German newspaper reported in its online edition that several sources had confirmed Merkel’s trip to the United States later this month.

Several images of that date also gave the impression that the personal connection between the two leaders failed, as when the photographers entered the Oval Office and Merkel asked Trump if he wanted to shake hands, to which the US president did not respond.

Months later the chancellor revealed that, after the scene, she asked Trump why he had not shaken hands with the journalists and he replied that he had already shook her twice before.

Last July, on the eve of the G20 summit in Hamburg (north of Germany), Merkel held another bilateral meeting at a hotel in the city with Trump, who was visiting Germany for the first time and debuted at the meeting of the group consisting of major economies of the world and emerging powers.

Merkel’s intention was to bring Washington closer to the global consensus in defense of free trade and the fight against climate change, two of the axes of that meeting, shortly after Trump announced his decision to take his country out of the Paris Agreement.

In the final communiqué of that summit, the discrepancies were again evident when all the G20 powers, except the United States, ratified their support for the aforementioned agreement, described it as “irreversible” and advocated applying it “as quickly as possible.”

Normally, Merkel’s travel plans are officially announced with about a week in advance.