Halle Berry stays in shape thanks to martial arts

At 51, Halle Berry has managed to intrigue all Hollywood with its apparent ability to withstand the passage of time, which is saying a lot in an industry so obsessed with eternal youth.

Although there are those who speculate that the Oscar-winning interpreter must have hidden somewhere a picture that ages for her, the reality is that the secret of her impressive physique is another much simpler and has nothing to do with pacts with supernatural powers or pacts with the devil: it is about training frequently and with great intensity.

“Basically he has a list of essential requirements in regards to his physique and we have developed a plan to test everything, believe it or not, we practice boxing, some kick boxing, a bit of Muay Thai … We work on all those skills and also does some strength and endurance exercises, “explained his personal trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, to E! News

“He uses weights of all kinds, exercises in the bar and many sprints dragging heavy objects or pushing them in. It is a very simple way to activate the metabolism of any person.”

As a general rule, the actress -mother of two children, one of whom was born when she was 47 years old- performs five intensive training sessions a week, with a rigor and delivery that manages to impress even professional athletes.

“I’ve never met anyone who trains so hard and with such dedication, every day is a little faster and stronger, and it becomes a little more athletic, I’ve never crossed paths with anyone who could get what she’s getting.” Your aide is amazed.

But in the case of Halle Berry, not everything is based on physical exercise. The star also follows a rigorous diet since he was diagnosed with diabetes at age 19: after a few health scares, he decided to cut radically the consumption of processed sugars and embraced a diet based mainly on vegetables.

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