Putin expects that Skripal affair wins common sense

Russian President Vladimir Putin today said he expects “to win common sense” in connection with the poisoning affair of former dual agent Sergei Skripal, which caused a deep crisis in relations between Russia, the West and other countries.

“We expect to overcome common sense and to put an end to great damage in international relations,” Putin told reporters in Ankara after a meeting with the presidents of Turkey and Iran on Syria, “he said.

Representatives of the International Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons discuss in The Hague about poisoning Skripalja and his daughter with a nerve injection in the United Kingdom.

A British military lab said on Tuesday that there was no evidence that the nerve poison came from Russia.

The British authorities, however, regard Russia as responsible for this poisoning and for this reason they have expelled Russian diplomats and announced the freezing of bilateral relations.

Russia, which categorically refuses to intervene, said it was an “anti-war campaign” because other Western countries were then expelled by Russian diplomats.

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