Rob Kardashian gets back in shape ‘for the good’ of his daughter

Taking into account the health problems that have been experiencing in recent times due to its tendency to overweight and, on the other hand, the lack of consistency that has traditionally been shown when it comes to fighting the extra kilos, it is understandable that Rob Kardashian has finally decided to put an end to such a dangerous dynamic to embrace a healthier lifestyle once and for all.

With this goal in mind, the sock designer has not only resorted to his privileged economic situation to hire a personal trainer or to get the services of a reputed nutritionist, but he has also found the motivation that is so necessary to comply with the task in his desire to provide his daughter Dream – as a result of his extinct relationship with Blac Chyna – a future as peaceful and satisfying as possible.

“Rob is eating much better and he is exercising every day with his instructor, he wants to be as healthy as possible for the good of his daughter and, therefore, his top priority today is to take care of himself so that he can take care of his Small, Dream and her state of health are her two great concerns, and she is determined to be the best father for her, “a source told People magazine.

Such a change of mentality would have been very influenced by the moment of stability that lives both emotionally and family, once overcome the bitter separation with which he ended his love story and disagreements with the exstripper and, above all, after having made peace with the rest of the Kardashian clan after a couple of very turbulent years.

“As soon as he realized that his family was right, that Chyna did not suit him, and after solving all the drama that followed his breakup, Rob began to focus more on what really matters and now he’s very well He gets back well with his people and everyone seems happy to have him back, Rob spends most of the day with Dream and is a great father, “said the same informant.

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