Sean Penn still loves his ex-Madonna very much

The four years of the marriage of Sean Penn and Madonna in the eighties were marked by endless crises and scandals that helped to cement their reputation as a tormented couple; in fact, the black legend claims that on one occasion the actor tied her to a chair and that in another she brutally beat her with a bat. However, the divorce seems to have seated both much better than the life of married, in view of the fact that currently do not hesitate to engage publicly and always behave cordially when they coincide in an industry event.

The actor has been the last to pronounce on the current nature of their relationship, assuring that he still feels a great affection for the woman with whom he premiered in the marriage contests as he passed through Stephen Colbert’s late-night show, when he asked jokingly if he was more a fan of Britney Spears or Madonna.

“I love my first wife very much, there is no comparison, there are two things that can be compared,” said the interpreter surprised at the question posed by the presenter, who was forced to explain the rivalry that has traditionally been tried to establish between the two artists.

“Well, people compare them all the time, so would you opt for Madonna?” To which Sean Penn responded without hesitation: “Of course!”

For its part, the queen of pop and showed that he had overcome and forgiven any problems that had existed between them in the past in a charity ceremony chaired in 2016 to raise funds for Malawi, the country of origin of four of their six children . Then the star had no problem in raising her ex-husband to the stage and even promise to marry him again if he donated $ 150,000.

A year earlier, Madonna had already come out in defense of the interpreter, filmmaker and now writer in the context of the lawsuit he filed against the creator of the series ‘Empire’, Lee Daniels, after he insinuated in an interview that the star Hollywood was an abuser, to which the artist responded with a legal writ in which she insisted that, while Sean Penn and she starred at the time several heated arguments as many other couples, his ex had never hit, tied or physically abused her.

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