Stoltenberg: NATO does not want to destabilize Russia, but we have to react

NATO is not trying to isolate Russia after an attack on a former Russian spy in the UK, but had to respond in order to show dissatisfaction, said Alliance Secretary Jens Stoltenberg, Reuters reports.

Last week, NATO expelled seven Russian diplomats from its headquarters.

– We continue to strive for better relations with Russia, because that state is our neighbor and will remain there. We do not want to isolate Russia, Stoltenberg said in a speech he gave at the Ottawa University. Stoltenberg pointed out that there is concern for NATO by Russia that annexed the Crimea, destabilizing eastern Ukraine, assisting the Syrian regime and interfering with the issues of other countries.

– That’s why we reacted this way because this is not just one event. This is an attack that shows the hatred pattern that we have been seeing for years in Russia – he added.

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