The siege around the identity of the person who dared to bite Beyonce”

For those who are not up to date with all the episodes of the soap opera in which this story is becoming, it all began when Tiffany Haddish – one of the protagonists of the comedy ‘Girls Trip’- reported last February on her way through the program’ Uncensored ‘that Queen B herself had to intervene to prevent her from beating up a well-known actress, but whose name she did not want to reveal, after she lacked respect for the singer.

At that time Tiffany did not want to offer more details and everything was in an anecdote that reflected the peaceful character of the music star, but a few days ago the comedian returned to the charge giving more details about that fateful evening in an interview with GQ, in which he announced that in fact the mysterious woman had attacked Jay Z’s wife by biting her in the face; and that’s why she lost the papers and wanted to come out in defense of her friend and idol.

Although Beyoncé has preferred to remain silent, many stars have begun to speculate with the identity of the aggressor while others – like Sarah Foster or Sanaa Lathan – stepped forward to clarify that they had not been; all this at the same time that Chrissy Teigen added more fuel to the fire via Twitter, assuring that he knew the identity of the woman and that he would never have guessed that she could be the culprit.

The mystery has reached such dimensions that the Huffington Post has chosen to contact all the representatives of the celebrities to ask them directly if it was their client who bit Beyoncé and try to disclose the identity of the woman by pure discarding. And obviously the results have been hilarious.

Some stars have decided to enter the game by responding directly to their social networks, including, of course, the controversial Lena Dunham.

Aware that his name usually appears on the list of suspects whenever there is a scandal of these characteristics, the creator of ‘Girls’ has used his Twitter account to clarify loud and clear: “As the patron saint of’ she I would be able to do it ‘… I did not do it. “

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