Trump decided not to immediately withdraw troops from Syria

It was reported that the advisers persuaded to change Trump’s decision, arguing that the extremist group “Islamic State” (banned in Russia), if not restrained, could regroup and become more active.

On Wednesday, the White House said that the US military presence in Syria would soon be over, but there were no specific deadlines for withdrawal. As stated in the statement, the grouping of the IG is almost completely destroyed, and the US will consult with the allies about further actions.

As an anonymous White House employee told an American television channel NBC on Wednesday, at a meeting on Tuesday, Trump agreed to leave the troops in Syria for an indefinite period. The president was, to put it mildly, not very happy about this, added the source of NBC.

The US forces in Syria have about two thousand military. In the fight against the IG, they contribute to the alliance of Kurdish militia units and the forces of the Arab opposition, known as the Democratic forces of Syria.

Over the past three years, with the support of the US Air Force, the Democratic forces of Syria have repulsed from the IG several tens of thousands of square kilometers of the territory.

Turkey, Iran and Russia

On Wednesday, Turkey, Iran and Russia agreed after the meeting of Vladimir Putin, Recep Erdogan and Hassan Roukhani in Ankara to accelerate stabilization in Syria.

Speaking to members of the construction unions in Ohio last week, Trump said the area still under the control of the IG would be released soon.

“Now let others take care of this. Very soon, very soon we will leave, “Trump said. “We will return to our country, where we should be.”

Also, the media reported that the president ordered the State Department to freeze more than $ 200 million in aid for the restoration of Syria, allotted by the decision of the dismissed head of the department in March, Rex Tillerson.

Why do the US military want to stay

Representatives of a coalition operating in Syria under the leadership of the US argue that extremists from the IG lost control over 98% of the territory that was once held in Syria and Iraq. However, the group is not completely defeated, they emphasize.

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