Trump is desperate for failure of border fence

By sending the National Guard to guard the United States-Mexico border, President Donald Trump shows he is desperate to compensate for his failure to obtain resources to expand the border wall, The New York Times (NYT) said.

In an editorial published on Thursday, the newspaper said that a few months before the November midterm elections, Trump “seems to be increasingly desperate to find ways to compensate for the breach of his promise to build a border wall” that Mexico would pay.

According to the newspaper, the sending of troops to the border lacks any logic, has only a “tenuous” legal justification and will consume federal funds that could be better invested in other issues.

The White House battled to try to explain Trump’s intentions, while the decision was not consulted with Mexico.

The move seems to have been adopted by the growing pressure that Trump feels from those of his followers who believed his promise that he would build a wall that Mexico would pay, according to the editorial.

The Congress, however, barely spent $ 600 million dollars to reinforce border security, including the wall, of the 25 billion dollars that the president requested for this item.

The newspaper also said that despite the fact that former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama sent troops to the border, the use of armed forces for tasks of civil law enforcement must be authorized by the Constitution or Congress.

In addition, such tasks are costly and generate disputes between the Pentagon, Congress and the states over who should assume such costs, the Times said.

However, spending billions of dollars in additional operations does not seem to matter to Trump, indifferent to the bulging federal deficit, the editorial stressed.

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