Trump signs the National Guard’s shipment to the Mexican border

Donald Trump ordered the National Defense and National Security Departments this Wednesday to deploy the National Guard on the border with Mexico, which will be coordinated with the border states (California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas), in accordance with the executive norm. that the president signed in the Oval Office. Trump’s announcement to send the army will not substantially change the measures adopted in the past by his predecessors, except for the not insignificant difference that the role of the soldiers will now be to ensure the construction of more than 1,600 kilometers of wall.

Failing to determine the number of troops, with the recourse to the National Guard, composed of reservists, the president avoids having to resort to Congress, since the federal law expressly prohibits the use of regular troops without their prior authorization.

Trump finalized the details of the plan with the Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, and with the head of National Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, who was responsible for making the announcement of the signing of the order in charge of the president. Although Nielsen assumed that the deployment of reservists will take time, he proclaimed that the process began yesterday.

The presence of troops of the National Guard is not a novelty in the United States. In the years 2006 and 2007, the former Republican president, George W. Bush, had up to 6,000 troops deployed at its highest peak, product of mobilizing up to 29,000 reservists, until his work was completed. With the reinforcement, Bush tried to win the support of the most conservative congressmen to his project of massive regularization of immigrants. Then, the military forces were in charge of preserving the surveillance, communications, administrative support, intelligence and the proper installation of the infrastructure that made border security possible.

Three years later, in 2010, although more modestly, Barack Obama sent almost 2,000 troops, and for a period of just a few months. Again, it was about covering the demand for greater security to win support for a regularization of immigrants that later did not materialize. There are still more precedents. In 2014, Texas, by order of its then governor, Rick Perry, today Secretary of Energy of the Trump Administration, in the use of a competition that can also assume the states, came to deploy a thousand reservists on the border with the Rio Grande Valley, at a time when the arrival of children had increased markedly, fleeing the violence in Central America.

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