Twitch Players are Raking It In Playing Video Games

In 2018, Streaming Personalities Are Making as Much as $500,000 a Month from Twitch!

The internet has presented some wild ways to make money but Twitch is the newest evolution. Streaming itself has been a hot topic in the technology sector for years but its been plagued with issue after issue. In the start there was a lack of computing power and bandwidth to deliver true streaming at scale. Not to mention the overwhelming costs of hosting and serving live content.

Twitch though seems like it has mastered the art of monetizing live streams.  With revenue exceeding $60,000,000 Twitch is leading the monetized-streaming content space.

Everyday people can start streaming their content for as little as $10 a month (Twitch Membership)

Top 5 Paid Twitch Players

5. TimTheTatman


3. Saqib “Lirik” Zahid

2. Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar

1. Geek & Sundry