Tyra Banks nose surgery at the beginning of her career

The arrival of the Kardashians to the first line of news well into the millennium and the sincerity with which they spoke of the endless tricks, beauty treatments and retouching to which they resorted to present themselves to the world with the best possible appearance contributed in large part to end once and for all with the taboo that existed around aesthetic surgery in a world obsessed, on the other hand, with physical appearance.

For that same reason, sometimes it’s hard to remember that in the nineties the rule was to hide those interventions and that’s exactly what the supermodel Tyra Banks did. It has been several decades before the pretty mannequin has dared to reveal that, indeed, she went through an operating room to undergo rhinoplasty. Although the medical objective was to deal with some nasal problems that generated certain discomfort, his personal motivation was pure and hard vanity.

“You had bones in your nose that kept growing and itchy, I could breathe well, but I decided to have cosmetic surgery, I admit it, my hair was fake and I had my nose,” he confessed in an interview with People.

The reasons that have pushed the star to uncover now a secret so well guarded has been a feeling of “responsibility” to share the truth with his fans.

“If you feel comfortable with yourself, then great, do not worry, but if you are sometimes insecure … then I have a bag full of magic solutions and beauty tricks for you to be the one you have always wanted to be. Permanent or temporary, I do not judge, fix it or dissimulate it, I believe that women should be allowed to resort to both options “, he assures to summarize his position in front of the purely aesthetic interventions.

“Do you want to wear a wig?” “Great, do you want to get your eyebrows tattooed?” “The point is, we have to stop judging ourselves.”

In her case, Tyra admits she does not feel comfortable presenting herself in public without makeup or with a discreet one and declares herself an obsessive of beauty treatments.

“It bothers me a lot that those women who are beautiful by nature judge those who do something,” concludes his plea.

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